Don Jr. ‘takes it personally’ that Hunter didn’t comply with subpoena

Donald Trump Jr. said the congressional staffer who filmed a gay porn video in a Senate office building is proving that the Democratic party thinks they are ‘beyond reproach’ because there is no one to ‘countermeasure to this insanity.’

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The ex-president’s eldest son also lamented to a conservative crowd in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday about Hunter Biden refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena last week.

The two instances last week were proof for Don Jr. that Democrats are increasingly exhibiting ‘insanity’ and, in seeming to advocate for his father’s reelection, said that ‘decency is on the ballot’ for the 2024 presidential election.

He also said that young progressive Democrats, like the staffer who shared the gay porn video, are now running the party.

Aidan Maese-Czeropski, 24, was fired by Maryland Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin for filming a gay sex tape in a Senate hearing room. The congressional aid is also facing possible criminal charges after the X-rated film shook the internet.

Donald Trump Jr. says ‘decency is on the ballot’ in 2024 as he slammed the Democratic staffer who filmed a gay sex tape in a Senate hearing room and said it was ‘personal’ for him that Hunter Biden skipped out on congressional testimony

Aidan Maese-Czeropski, a now-fired staffer for Sen. Ben Cardin, could face a criminal investigation after a clip of two men filming themselves having sex in the US Senate went viral. Don Jr. says that the porno was a ‘power play’ from Democrats claiming they are ‘beyond reproach’

The lewd video was circulated Friday and depicted two men having sex in a room where Supreme Court justice nominees are usually questioned by senators during their confirmation processes.

Just two days before the porno was exposed by media, Hunter Biden held a press conference on Capitol Hill where he openly discussed his act to not comply with a congressional subpoena for closed-door testimony.

‘Senate staffers are filming gay pornos in a Senate hearing room,’ Trump Jr. said at Amfest. ‘What’s going on?’

‘Decency, right? The adults are back in charge,’ he said in mocking Democrats who claim when they regained power in the White House that they were bringing ‘decency’ back.

‘But they can do this because they realize there’s no one actually there as a countermeasure to this insanity, right?’ Don Jr. continued. ‘It wasn’t just a young guy, being a young guy. That’s a power play, right? ‘We’re going to turn off all the videos in here and we’re going to do this. We’re going to share it because we’re beyond reproach.’

‘If you think the radicals are the leaders in Congress – the Nancy Pelosi’s – no, no, no. It’s these 20-something-year-olds that have never been told no, that are told there’s 9,476 genders and that’s gospel, that believe in convenient science that’s made up on the spot to fulfill whatever political narrative they have.’

Amfest is a multi-day speaker and workshop series hosted by conservative Turning Point USA in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hunter Biden delivered remarks on the steps of Congress on Wednesday where he discussed defying a congressional subpoena to testify behind closed-doors – instead calling Republicans ‘shameless’ in their impeachment efforts against his father and claiming he would only testify publicly

The footage of the porn video in the Senate was reportedly intended to be shared to a private group of gay individuals in Washington, before it surfaced online and circulated rapidly 

Don Jr.’s partner Kimberly Guilfoyle is also speaking at the event that runs from December 16-19 and includes remarks from the likes of biotech entrepreneur and 2024 hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy, Senate candidate Kari Lake, Trump lawyer Alina Habba, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Florida Reps. Matt Gaetz and Cory Mills.

During the younger Trump’s speech, he said he ‘takes it personally’ when he talks about how President Joe Biden’s son Hunter has yet to face consequences for defying a congressional subpoena last week.

‘Decency is on the ballot,’ the Trump Organization co-executive vice president repeated. ‘We’ve got Hunter Biden this week talking about decency. The Republicans – because they had the gall to ask him to come in and do a deposition, discussing one of thousands of instances of him selling out this country, enriching his family.’

‘I mean, I used me as the example, we’ve done this one before. I take it a little bit personally because I did 50 hours of congressional testimony,’ he added.

Hunter Biden refused last week to appear for his closed-door congressional subpoena and instead made a five-minute speech on the steps of the Capitol where he declared his father is innocent of corruption allegations.

He accused Republicans of their ‘shameless’ impeachment attempts against President Biden. Instead of closed-door testimony, Hunter Biden has said he would appear for public questioning.

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